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Evaluate results of professional learning programs to determine the effectiveness on deepening teacher content knowledge, improving teacher pedagogical skills and/or increasing student learning

Why is It Important?

The results of professional learning can be evaluated in various ways to determine effectiveness. First, feedback from participants is important to growing and improving upon the delivery of these opportunities. Utilizing tools such as the one presented by Guskey (2002) in Does It Make a Difference? Evaluating Professional Development can be beneficial. Not only does feedback from participants help a facilitator make improvements to design and delivery, it can help to establish how impactful the session was on student learning outcomes. If we aren’t leading and attending professional development opportunities to improve student learning outcomes, why do it at all?

Improving Technology Integration with Classroom Management Strategies

In a professional development session developed with my graduate cohort entitled, Improving Technology Integration with Classroom Management Strategies, a pre and post assessment was created to measure the learner achievement of the sessions’ objectives.


In addition to the pre and post assessment, we included the following evaluation form in an effort to seek feedback on participant perception and satisfaction with the session.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 6.15.29 PM


Guskey, T. R. (2002). Does it make a difference. Educational leadership,59(6), 45.


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