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Model and facilitate safe, healthy, legal, and ethical uses of digital information and technologies

COPPA Considerations

My facilitation of safe use of technology begins by teaching students about how to protect their privacy. While it can be challenging to identify appropriate digital tools for a middle school classroom, this environment has been the perfect opportunity to challenge me. Since I teach students that are both over and under the age 13, a designation outlined by COPPA, I have privacy laws to consider. While I never require students to use any tool that requires their email address, I always request that students consult with a parent before making this choice. Additionally, I require that students do not use their last names or other identifiable personal information online.

Digital Citizenship Education

My professional knowledge and structured use of digital citizenship curriculum often comes from the use of resources like Common Sense Media. While I have used this curriculum to teach general lessons about digital citizenship, I have also incorporated pieces of this curriculum to specific projects. For example, in the lesson I designed, Creating Book Trailers: A Lesson Exploring Personal Craft and Creativity, students were taught about copyright as they found images and video to incorporate into their trailers. Additionally, during a global collaborative project, entitled Cross Continent Comparisons students were led though lessons about the difference between helpful and hurtful online communication that is either intentional or unintentional. This prepared students to both communicate and collaborate with students whom they had never met before and to understand the limits of nonverbal communication. These are both skills that are important to the use of social media and to the development of career ready students.

Cross Continent Comparisons: Global Collaborative Project



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