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Model effective classroom management and collaborative learning strategies to maximize teacher and student use of digital tools and resources and access to technology-rich learning environments

Ed Tech Lead

My role as an Ed Tech Lead at my school this year has allowed me to gain professional experience effectively modeling both classroom management and collaborative learning strategies. I have regularly presented digital tools and resources such as student blogging platforms like Edublogs or Weebly, assessment tools such as ThemeSpark, or collaborative tools such as Padlet at faculty meetings. My facilitation of a monthly professional development session called the Ed Tech Cafe to engage interested teachers in digital tools and resources. During the Ed Tech Cafe, participants have brought concerns about technology access and management, brainstormed more systematic methods for collecting electronic student work, and had the opportunity to benefit from tailored trainings from the district technology specialist and me.

Professional Development in Classroom Management

Specific to classroom management, I have worked with my graduate cohort to develop a professional learning session entitled, Improving Technology Integration with Classroom Management Strategies, addressing the very real concerns many educators with classroom management when technology is involved. In an effort to promote student agency, this session utilizes everything from responsible use agreements, to digital citizenship education, to methods of social engineering to improve classroom management with technology.


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