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Coach teachers in and model incorporation of research-based best practices in instructional design when planning technology-enhanced learning experiences

21st Century Skills

Research-based best practices in instructional design really begins with understanding what 21st century looks like in the classroom. Recently, I completed a program evaluation by surveying teachers to understand their understanding of 21st century skills. While most teachers felt comfortable with the nature of the four c’s: communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking, many admitted to not using 21st century tools to implement these 21st century skills. I also explored 21st century learning in my post, Why Do We Need to Define What 21st Century Learning Looks Like, focusing on less often highlighted skills:

  • flexibility and adaptability
  • student-created and student-driven learning
  • global readiness

In this blog post, I considered why we often see only the “what” of 21st century skills and not the “how,” and subsequently tackled looking for a resource that overlays these skills with actual curriculum, in this case English Language Arts.

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