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Advocate for policies, procedures, programs, and funding strategies to support implementation of the shared vision represented in the school and district technology plans and guidelines


 Professional Learning 


My work at my school and in my graduate work has led me to consider how both Perceptions, Emerging Technology, & Instructional Shifts and professional development can affect technology implementation initiatives. During my investigation of the ISTE Teaching Standards, I recognized how significant a role collaboration plays in educational technology. I explored this in my post, ISTE Teaching Standard 3: The Power of Collegiality and Collaboration in EdTech. I dug even deeper to identify the following important EdTech Professional Learning Considerations.

  • Teaching technology integration and not tech tools alone
  • Using backwards design to plan professional development
  • Tapping into informal learning practices

Finally, I asked How Can Administrators Best Support Professional Development in Education Technology? in an effort to best support all of the practices outlined above.


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