Middle School Lang. Arts Teacher,  Ed Tech Lead,  Dept. Chair, 

MEd. in Digital Educational Leadership

Google Certified Educator


I am a middle school educator, who focuses on designing lessons that are both dynamic and molded to the needs of the  classroom. My students are taught to craft well-organized essays, analyze the literary elements of a work of fiction, evaluate the  relevancy and accuracy of a text, and read with a sophisticated, critical eye.  I have continued to work on the implementation of  technology that maximizes student interest and incorporates 21st century skills.

Over the course of my teaching career, I have accepted departmental and committee chairmanships, guided school  improvement plans that worked to exceed school-wide student achievement goals in reading and writing, and organized  numerous school-wide reading initiatives. I put emphasis on collaborating with colleagues to commonly align curriculum and  assessments across grade levels and content areas.

I recently earned a masters degree in Digital Education Leadership from Seattle Pacific University. I seek to expose myself to cutting-edge  scholarship in this field and prepare myself academically for the challenge of implementing digital learning in the global age.